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Mike Visaggio and Kinetic Element: Guestbook

Rick Zollo

July 6, 2009

Hey Mike came across your site looks good. Shoot me an e mail I came across a concert we did at the bottom line in 78. If you have not heard it I will send you the link !!! Take care Rick

Catherine Kitchens

January 24, 2009

i love your music! you sound a lot like styx did with their synthesizers! nice!

Karl Eisenhart

September 7, 2008

Good to meet you, however briefly, at Progday. Thanks for your kind comments on the ProgressiveEars forum. Here's a link that might interest you...

Karl (Pinnacle)


September 1, 2008

Hi Mike,

I caught up with you at ProgDay this year, and really enjoyed the conversation. Thanks again for giving me that CD-R. I listened to it on the way home and it definitely made the trip more pleasant! The pre-show was excellent too. I was the van driver for Ain Soph, and they had a lot of nice things to say about you and your music. I hope to hear more music from you in the near future.

Joe Bucker

August 8, 2008

Just popped in to say keep making this wonderful music you create and wishing you and the band much success in the future. Also congrats for landing the opening act spot for the Prog Day festival in NC...rock the house down guys !!

Roebius Raff

June 1, 2008

I look forward to attending your gig in Charlottesville. I think we would have a lot in common to chat about. I was also born and raised New York City and weaned on Classic and Prog Rock. I hope there will be an appropriate moment when I can introduce myself. Best Regards.

- Roebius

"Sanus est lux in sine aestus"

Greg Kain

March 20, 2008

Mike! Love your sound! Keys remind me of Trimuvrat ~ Larry Fast. Haven't seen you since Super Bowl 25! How 'bout them GIANTS this year! Got to see a Kinetic Element show.


March 15, 2008

Hey Mikie!! Sounds like you are doing great with your band. I've listened to some of the tracks and they are terrific!! Keep up the good work and always, have fun!! Miss you, Your friend forever, sherrice

Steve Campbell

February 10, 2008

I've often wondered what you would do after the Sopranos ended!

rosie (from myspace)

February 5, 2008

great tunes guys

Wayne Tarus

December 14, 2007

Mike, I was just on the Regis HS website (I attended but didn't graduate) and was shocked to see your name mentioned in a past edition of Prowlings. I had no idea you were an alumni! I remember you well from Burning Rose. You used to warm up with the theme from Popeye the Sailor Man. I played Burning Rose on WLIR for the first time. Last time I saw you was in a truck stop eating lunch a bunch of years ago. I came and said hi. Glad to see you back in the music world.

Cyndee Lee Rule

November 19, 2007

Great music! YOU ROCK!


August 3, 2007

Un saluto da Arlquins!!!

George Maida

July 31, 2007

Hope everyone here was able to hear Mike and band on last week's The Electric Croude. A treat to air and share his keyboard virtuosity on the airwaves and online.

eric harabadian

June 24, 2007

Hi Mike, Hope you've read my review in Progression. Again, great album! Keep me in the loop with all your releases. All the best!

Adam Block

June 18, 2007

You rock dude!

Adam Jirovsky

May 17, 2007

Hello Mike, Michael and Matt. Thank you guys for a wonderful time at the Ft. Myer Main Echange during our Springfest Tent sale. Your music inspired all the employees as well as customires. Great setup, powerful and emotional repertior of songs and a wonderful company of all of you. Hope to see you when you are back in the area. Good luck to you guys.

eric harabadian

March 22, 2007

Hi Mike, I am a free lance writer who writes for Progression magazine. I received your latest disc recently to do a review and I was moved to write you. I listened to the first few songs and found it to be a wonderful album. Your keyboard playing is great and the tones you got were great too. I especially liked your vocals on the third cut. I usually don't contact an artist before i do a review but I ain't stingy. I'm a musician too and we all need to hear the good stuff from time to time. I really enjoy your music. God bless, Eric H.,Detroit. P.S. Look for a review of your latest in the next Progression.

Dadion Lester

February 21, 2007

Mike played organ & piano on my last CD w' The Strokers. He came into the studio-never hearing the material before- and laid down the best tracks that could have possibly be done by ANYONE. A very talented musician and a good friend. Dadion Thanks Rick-- for the comment.( you spelled gorgeous wrong )

Rick Freekin'

February 8, 2007

in all my years in show biz,@ in life,i can honestly say i've never seen a more handsome,georgeous,talented musician than DADION LESTER...

Gordon (Images of Eden)

January 28, 2007


Nice site, great tunes. Thanks for contacting me and I wish you the best of luck with everything. Mark from Silent Planet will definitely take care of you. Keep in touch!

God bless,

Tony D'Amato

January 8, 2007

Way to go Mike! The CD is awesome. Best of Luck with it.

"The Natural"

November 30, 2006

Wow, great CD!! I was very impressed with whoever engineered the recording. Great Job by that guy. ( were ok too.)


November 10, 2006

i love you dad. you got some great reviews! here is a reveiw for you:
"while mike is a busy man, he is also the best dad ever".
-kristin visaggio


September 15, 2006

If you're a fan of progressive rock...get Starship Universe! It's a great listen start to finish. I liked it on the first listen & it grows on me still!

Percy Jay

September 10, 2006

I love the album, and I enjoyed meeting you today!! Please come by the studio again.

Jim Rezek

September 5, 2006

Just saw your post on about Ambrosia so I thought I'd take a look at your site. Listening to the 1st piece now. Nice work! Please tell me it's a real Hammond and a Moog...or ARP synth !!


Ray Frigon

September 4, 2006

Just checking out the site, reading reviews and all. Parker did a nice job. Encouraging, I'm sure. Really looking forward to getting the CD and chopping away. God bless.


September 3, 2006

I'm impressed. Really like Your music. I'm maybe Your fan from Poland=)

Steve Babb

August 1, 2006

I read your comments on Christian music on a recent cprog thread and thought I'd found a kindred spirit. So I had to check out your tunes. Great chops! God bless!

David James (aka Winkler on DLBN)

July 28, 2006

looking forward to hearing your stuff!

Eugenia Waldrop-Visaggio

July 24, 2006

P.S. Oh, love your site and you!!!!!!! Your#1 fan!

Eugenia Waldrop-Visaggio

July 24, 2006

You're not so bad and either is the music you make. Remember to smile once in awhile while you play which lets the audience know you love your job. Your music is very unique.

George "THE FACE"

July 23, 2006

I enjoy Mikes work. He understands what "prog rock" is

Kristin Visaggio

July 22, 2006

Nice site dad! love you.