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Mike Visaggio and Kinetic Element: Links

Mike's new band, Kinetic Element, is performing Starship Universe and selected prog and classic rock classics, and is working on the new music for a CD project that will be a band project under the Kinetic Element name. This site will be expanded into a true band website in the near future.
For those of you who want to make me a deal or just see more pics!
This is a doorway to a treasure trove of progressive rock resources. Run and founded by prog lovers.
My friend Ron (well OK he has a lot of friends!) has a prog CD review site here. In-depth reviews of all the best artists, and Mike too!
The Small Lexicon of the Great Bands
Artur Chachlowski's fantastic site in Krakow, Poland. Well some of it is in English! He has an abundance of shows you can download, all of which have stupendous music on them. Especially when he played "In The Nazarene Church" and "Blues Variation" on Radio Alfa, 102.4 FM, on 5.31.2006, of course! Artur also writes for Metal Hammer Magazine. He is The Man.
Mike's myspace page
Where some of the excitement has been generated, and where my friend in Russia found me and told my friend in Poland.
My former boss in the only band I made albums with. Billy is still writing, does some collaborating with Jon Bon Jovi and is a tremendous son of God. He is more mainstream rock and roll but great stuff. Well worth a listen if you like Mellencamp, Van Morrison, Tom Petty and other singer-songwriters.
The Dividing Line
A great progressive rock internet radio station. My friend Mary Campbell has a show on Saturday nights and she can sure spin 'em.
Classic FM
Gene Godfrey has a show on public radio in New Jersey in which he does a great return to underground New York FM radio of the late 1960s. Listening to him is like having Rosko and Scott Muni reborn. Plus he plays fabulous prog rock, such as my CD.
All things prog, it's another link in Shawn Gordon's prog rock empire which consists also of ProgRock records. You can find fabulous music and forums here.
But wait! There's more! It's so easy to have a "Starship Universe" of your very own! Part with your hard-earned money here. You'll be glad you did!
This site also has a ton of great information about many, many prog acts, including of course yours truly. Dave Taylor knows whereof he speaketh.
Mike Parker's insightful reviews include "Starship Universe." The gist of the site is that Christian music can be appreciated by everyone, and the boundaries ought to be erased. Good music is good music. Mike Parker gets it. Check this site out!
The Official Doug Bowers website
Doug is a believing musician in Florida who is a fan, brother and making some wonderful music.