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Mike Visaggio and Kinetic Element: Music

The Ascent

(Kinetic Element)
September 9, 2009
Mike Visaggio

Getting to the place you want to be requires answers. There's a place to find them.

by Mike Visaggio COPYRIGHT 2009

Give me ire, give me pain
And all those things I thought that I would never see again
Give me love, don't give me hate insane
Shelter me from those who claim to be my fellow-men
'Cause I'm tired and hungry and looking for a place to stay
Seemingly insurmountable mountains loom just ahead
Oh just ahead, they loom just ahead
In my next day

Give me blood, give me sweat
And mingle them with tiny droplets of my tears
Give me friends who are enemies as yet
I'll take from them my courage as the summit nears
'Cause I'm beat and feel dejected, the mountain grows as higher I climb
And it seems that I many not claim a victory over anyone
Or anything at any place
At any time

Give me patience to persevere
To keep inside a kindling burning roaring fire
I will surely reach the crest
Because my will has striven to match this great desire
I'm looking down again, I see the verdant valley below
And I know that at the summit, yes I know that at the summit
I will find the book, a book about a man
I'll find the book that will tell me like nothing, nothing else can
Yes I'll read the book, I'll find out what was the master plan
Yes I'll read the book, I know it will tell me
What I must know