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Mike Visaggio and Kinetic Element: Music

Into The Lair

(Kinetic Element)
June 1, 2015
Mike Visaggio

Copyright 2013 Mike Visaggio

Come into the lair and see
The marvelous security
Come into the warmth that we give
Another will pay you to live

Take comfort in what we say
Your easement is not far away
Arriving in yesterday's mail
Our leader's too big to fail

    The common good is all that we teach and tell
    Take from the successful condemn them to hell
    Nobody has rights when who has taken your good
    We'll make them pay, we told you we would

It isn't your fault, you see
You never had chances to be
What those whom you envy became
And we'lll equalize this great game

We'll tax the ones who did you harm
Around them our agents will swarm
And spend without limit or sorrow
Our laws can be changed and we'll borrow

    New guarantees we'll pass as we take over your life
    You'll be only too happy to take the knife
    And cut your ties with a freedom that was
    But no longer is, for nothing it does

Wait a just a second, I think
My liberty has gone on the blink
I thought you guys cared about me
But I've opened my eyes and I see

You say what I eat, what I buy
You say when I live, when I die
You say who I am, what I do
You say I can't move without you

    Where do you think you're going, you useless serf?
    You cannot get away, this is all our turf
    We bought you with tales of the common good
    We'll make you pay, we told you we would

We told you, we told you