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Mike Visaggio and Kinetic Element: News

PROG DAY 2015 - September 7, 2015

Just got back from another Prog Day. I have been attending Prog Day in Chapel Hill NC for sight years and RoSFest in Gettysburg PA for six years as I maintain my relationships and contacts with prog movers and shakers and freinds and fans and it really is like an extended family. No matter our disagreements on other stuff we are solidy united because of our love for prog rock and the people who support it and create it. These two events are now the most important prog festivals in the eastern US although MorseFest in Nashville may catch up in time. Kinetic Element has sold about 300 copies of Travelog. Please go have a listen to our music at and perhaps favor us with a purchase. It is also available from our distributors who are linked on our Facebook page  I hope to have announcements soon about a couple of events next spring.

KE has a PR firm! - July 4, 2015

KE is working with William James and Glass Onyon PR for the next four months to drum up the press we need. There are a few reviews in existence for Travelog. We anticipate many more. The comments coming in from people who have the CD are all positive and we have a solid 3.5 stars out of 5 pretty much across the board with some 5-star ratings from people on The band is taking a break and I hope to be back out there in the fall.  If not I plan to assemble a solo project  band like I did back in 2006. PROG LIVES, people. Many thanks to all those who contributed to Kickstarter. Happy Independence Day, everyone.


Hi everybody all over this island Earth!

Kinetic Element is pleased and kind of amazed that the making of Travelog is over and the product is now available.

Travelog is a 70-minute CD or download and features five fairly long progressive rock tracks.  You might say "it will reward the patient listener" and prog fans are nothing if not patient with long pieces of music.

We began recording over two years ago but had to scrap a good deal of work when two of our members departed the band.  The pieces that are on Travelog are largely the result of creativity that occurred at the end of 2013 and the determination that we could learn to record ourselves. This we have done.

The band members are the core trio of Mike Visaggio (keyboards) Todd Russell (guitars) and Michael Murray (drums), along with Mark Tupko (bass) who joined us a a permanent member about a year ago, and we enlisted the talents of three excellent singers to help is complete the recording. They are Dimetrius LaFavors (Odin's Court), Michell Schrotz (Brave and While Heaven Wept) and Mike Florio (New York area solo artist). All have great resumes and plenty of music on line that you may access.

At this time Travelog ma be heard in its entirety at

The physical CDs may be purchased there or directly from us. Downloads are available at both sites and will be on all the download services in the next couple of weeks.

We encourage you to go have a listen to this excursion into symphonic/neo style prog rock.  We hope you will leave comments or a review and spread the word to your music loving friends.

Kinetic Element is playing its first shows in nearly two years this week. We headlined Orion Studios in Baltimore with Michelle's band Brave this pase Friday night.  This coming Saturday (June 6) we will be at the New Jersey Proghouse venue Roxy and Duke's in Dunellen NJ supporting Lo-Fi Resistance and Jimmy Robinson. (www,

Thanks for staying with us during the five and a half years since the release of Powered by Light. We have persevered, we succeeded in raising a good chunk of money on Kickstarter and some of you helped us! Your vote of confidence has given birth to this new CD. 

Prog Lives. It keeps us young.

Mike Visaggio (with Todd Russell, Michael Murray and Mark Tupko)

Recent Events Dec. 2013 - December 22, 2013

Back in late August we reached an impasse with two of our members. George DeCola and Len Dupilka are no longer with us. We wish them well in their future endeavors.


The remaining three members (Mike Visaggio, Todd Russell and Michael Murray) will apparently remain the permanent members of the band. We have been working on a second CD the last year and only since the departure of Len and George has real progress been made. We were sidetracked into a different purpose for two and a half years. We saw a big rush of new music composed in September and October and began arranging the pieces, laying down click tracks, rehearsing to those click tracks, and now we are beginning a capture process of the drums.

Michael broke out his Sonar X-1 recording software and for the first time we are self-recoding. Unfortunately we cannot work on it every day so it is still hard to say when we will have a new CD for you, but we know what music will be on it and we're going all out to get it done. We anticipate that Jaymi Millard of Nashville TN will bring his talents on Rickenbacker bass to the CD via file sharing. We do not as yet have a singer firmly committed.

The thrust of the new CD lyrically will be "Travelog: A Quest for Liberty." We see many troubling things in the world threatening all aspects of personal freedom and we aim to stand up for the individual and the liberty that is one's birthright.

Thank you for staying with us. We'll keep you posted. Merry Christmas!


I had the distinct privilege of playing with the Afterparty band at Rites of Spring Festival (ROSfest) this past May 4 and Melodic Revolutions Records' entrepreneur Nick Katona announced that Kinetic Element is signed to his label as of that date. So now we have an additional reason to move along the recording of our second CD. It has been a battle, as many of you have noted, what with all our personnel changes and change in direction to have a cover-band repertoire so we can get out and play here in Richmond, but there IS new music being composed and recorded and I am thankful to say I have found a lot of interest in the prog world for what we're cooking up. Melodic Revolution has artists in several genres. I invite you to visit them at and see what Mr. Nick has signed to his label! It's all good music.

KE now a 5-piece - January 8, 2013

Sorry I haven't been updating you ... fretless bassist extraordinaire Len Dupilka joined Kinetic Element in the summer of 2011. He has worked out very well and has contributed new material to what will be the band's next CD. We're kind of experimenting with a multidirectional approach. Mike and Todd have collaborated on a 15-minute symphonic prog piece, George has taken us a bit into Asia territory with a pop song which we have progged up, and Len's prog/fusion piece has taken us where we never expected to go. The new CD will be full of surprises. Thanks for staying with us. Female vocalist Melanie DeCola did not stay with the band so we might have been 6, but we are pretty well set now with these five members, with Old Mikey on keys and Michael Murray still holding down the drum chair.


Well, we found George DeCola to do our vocals. George is a Jon Anderson type vocalist. He has brought his wife Melinda who is singing harmonies and playing percussion. Joining us on bass is Len Dupilka and his fretless playing gives us a very distinctive sound. We will be playing out with this lineup (with of course Todd Russell on guitar, Michael Murray on drums and Old Mikey on multiple keyboards). Should be fun. Come to the First Fridays show.

New Bass Player for KE quits - June 12, 2010

David Donlon has left Kinetic Element only seven weeks after joining. Citing personality conflicts, David was very unhappy and somehow the rest of us missed it. So we wish David success in whatever he undertakes, and we are back to the drawing board for bass. Meanwhile we once again have to postpone several shows that were in the works. Perhaps it's a good thing I hadn't announced them yet. MV


Well, we have had two nice things happen. Kinetic Element's CD Powered by Light was nominated back in February by for Best Debut CD of 2009. Well OK, we didn't make the cut past the 40 nominees. But somebody likes the record out there. In addition, we have been given a feature article in Issue #59 of Progression Magazine And writer Eric Harabadian has been nice to us!
We are looking for shows now, as the band is sounding very good in rehearsal and we aim to resume performing as soon as possible.
Thanks for sticking with us!

New Bass Player for KE - April 27, 2010

Hello again, all our friends around the world!

It's a new day in KE land. Last night we welcomed David Donlon of Springfield VA into the band as our new bass guitarist.

David showed up in a most unusual fashion, in a way we could not have foreseen. He saw the last e-mail I sent you all, and asked to try out. David actually contacted me back in 2006 when I was trying to put together a band to perform my solo CD Starship Universe but circumstances were not right at the time for him to start driving down to Richmond to play. After some good e-mails and a couple of good phone conversations, David took it on himself to obtain the recordings and learn them, and showed up here on April 17. He played the music as if he'd been in the band since 2006. It was a perfectly fitting puzzle piece. Some of what we've learned about each other has convinced me that the invisible Hand was once again at work in bringing him to us.

Like the other three members of KE David's "musical resume" is sparse. All of us had to wait a very long time to be able to be in a prog rock band. All we can say is, we're doing it now. We ask, as always, for your support, and will do all we can to earn it.

We will be putting our live show back together and are very interested now in playing out. If you can help us find a show we'd like to hear from you. You guys are the reason we exist. Thanks for your patience. I can't wait to start doing new music with this newly energized Kinetic Element.

Mike Visaggio

Mike Visaggio keyboards, vocals
Michael Murray drums, vocals
Todd Russell guitar
David Donlon bass

POWERED BY LIGHT nominated for Best Debut CD - January 30, 2010

Got this note today:

Dear Kinetic Element,
We are proud of inform you that your record "Powered By The Light" has been nominated, for the fourth edition of Progawards, in the following categories:
-Best Debut Record ( obdr)

Remember that on 14 February will be published the finalists in each category.

Many compliments for your work and good luck for the continuation of this event.

You are authorized to communicate the news to your website and your MySpace.
You can also use our logos, our banners and even the cover of your record (with our logo imprinted) to emphasize the news.

Sincere congratulations for passion and your professional capabilities.
The Progawards President
Fabrizio Catalano

SOMEBODY likes the record! We hope you will give us some consideration for your next prog purchase.

KE makes The Rickter Scale's Top 50 with PBL - January 2, 2010

Progmeister and internet DJ of Delicious Rick Dashiell has put Powered by Light on his Top 50 of 2009 List! The other people on this list are all phenomenal. It's humbling but at least we know we're on the right track. Mike V.

KINETIC ELEMENT "Powered by Light" NOW AVAILABLE - November 15, 2009

So far so good, got some good reviews, have sold 79, picked up by a couple of distributors, interest from a prog publicist for radio, and people who have bought it seem to dig it. Unfortunately we have lost bassist Tony D and are searching for his replacement. Gigs had to be cancelled including one at Orion Studios in Baltimore (OUCH), but we're forging ahead and formulating some new music ideas. The CD is available on CD Baby ( and drummer Michael Murray is working up a new band website at You can also get the CD directly from the band by e-mailing me at The price is $12.00 plus S&H.

In The Studio / Mellotron - May 29, 2009

I just want to publicly thank Frank Stickle for (a) bringing the Mellotron down
to us for use on Powered by Light yesterday, and (2) saying so many incredibly
nice and confidence-building things about us in the studio and on Myspace.

Frank is a true gentleman and also has a keen ear and it was great to have him
there to coach me on how to properly play the instrument. It was my first time
playing one, and the odd feel of the keys took some getting used to, but Frank
not only helped me get my playing even, he also made some excellent suggestions
about actual figures which when tried, worked. It also brought out the
orchestration instincts of my guitarist Todd Russell who began calling on his
musical Ph.D. education to help me really turn the Tron into some orchestral

I am very excited about how Powered by Light is sounding. Now comes the vocals,
always an adventure, tomorrow and Sunday.

Thank you Frank! And thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in this crazy
prog band in Richmond.

Mike Visaggio

Opening for NEKTAR, MORGLBL, new videos - March 12, 2009

Well OK, it should be the other way around, but what can I tell you?
Morglbl is coming to Richmond on its spring tour and they (and we) will be at
the Capital Ale House Music Hall, Friday May 8. We are of course excited to
open for these guys who are the "critics' darlings". I hope some discerning
prog fans will come on down for this show. We also have shows at:

Zakk's Coffe House, Murfreesboro NC, March 21 with prog/fusion/jamband keyboard
trio Sci-Fi

The Camel, Richmond VA, April 18 with Stone Lucy

JAXX, West Springfield VA, May 2 with Oblivion Sun and of course, NEKTAR.

I was able to help Morglbl get the Richmond date they wanted through plain old
good timing, and so the Morglbl juggernaut will make a stop in the nicest little
big town on the Eastern Coast. Should be great.

I have some new videos of Kinetic Element at The Camel this past Feb.17.
Here are the links, only one of them is currently on Youtube and that is also on
our myspace page.
Thanks everyone. Gotta love prog.
Mike Visaggio Morglbl:
Morglbl videos:

Review of Powered By Light Suite - January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to all my friends around the world!

I'm sorry about being late, I think I was supposed to say this LAST night, but here we are in 2009 and time marches on! In a lot of ways it's "good riddance" to 2008 and we're all walking into unknown territory in a world that looks like it's going to be remade for better or worse. One thing's for sure though, progressive rock is going to be with us, and Kinetic Element will be making some.

I'd like to direct you to the first actual review I have seen posted for "The Powered by Light Suite." The link is: A fine gentleman named Assaf has reviewed it. He is published on a number of prog sites, and my old friend Floyd at has also reviewed it but due to technical difficulties at the site, cannot post it yet.
The EP is available from me directly at this time.

May God prosper all your undertakings in 2009.
Mike Visaggio

Videos of Kinetic Element - September 18, 2008

Hi Folks.
First off thanks for the kind and lukewarm words about our show at ProgDay penned on this forum. We know we can't please everyone but we do try to give it heck! We know our weaknesses and we know our strengths, and we hope we had more of the latter!

Thanks to Sean of Speechless there is a Youtube video of us now! It's kind of a weird color, and the sound and video is camcorder quality, but it does rock! Here's the link:
A friend of mine in Richmond reminded me he has two videos of us on his Facebook site.

To see our videos, please JOIN FACEBOOK and look up PAUL MAGILL SMITH. He has many videos of many bands posted. If already a Facebook member you can find us at: (the last section of "Riding in Time") This one is currently on the main page of Paul's profile. At Capital Ale House Music Hall in Richmond, 1/12/08.
and (a good chunk of "On The Ship of Emotion") At The Camel Cafe in Richmond, 11/30/07.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to watch any of these.
Mike V.
keys / Kinetic Element


Kinetic Element thanks Glenn of Local 506 in Chapel Hill, Steve Sly and Michael Bennett for helping make our first festival-affiliated gig a reality. KE will be the opening band at the Local 506 Club's ProgDay Pre-Show at 9pm. We are working in our new bassist Tony D'Amato for this very important show. Joining us as headliners are Atlanta-based Speechless, a great up-and-coming prog fusion outfit. It will be a wonderful night. See you there!

Tony D'Amato on bass for Kinetic Element - August 4, 2008

Tony D'Amato, a longtime friend of Kinetic Element's members Mike Visaggio and Michael Murray from their days with Richmond Rock Exchange, has stepped in to replace Matt Harris. Matt has been helping Tony learn the music and rehearsals are going great as we prepare for the big gig on Aug.29.

Matt Harris departs Kinetic Element - June 16, 2008

We played our final show with our founding member bassist Matt Harris Satuday in Charlottesville. It was very emotional for everyone. Matt does not want to leave us but has oppotunity in his "real" career that he feels he can't pass up. We wish him well. Bass auditions will begin as soon as we get a candidate. Meanwhile Michael Murray and I will be starting rehearsals for the balance of Powered by Light in July. Thanks everyone for your patience at support. Mike V.


Last night at Jaxx opening for Circa:

Words cannot describe what a wonderland it was at Jaxx for me, Matt and Michael. Matt walked in and immediately met Alan White and Billy Sherwood and was jawboning with them. We got set up and had a decent soundcheck in front of Circa's gear. I got to give Alan a Kinetic Element press kit which he graciously accepted saying he was looking forward to hearing us. Odin's Court was there early too, and their leader Matt was also a great guy and we had no problems at all working with them to get on and offstage.

We had a set that was not one of our best but the intimate crowd of about 40 gave us a warm reception and a number of them were right in front of the stage taking pics. I got blinded by a couple of flashes while trying to switch sounds and hit the wrong button! Matt's bass pickups started frazzing and he had to switch basses after the second song. But the applause seemed genuine and after two pieces, "The Ascent" and "Blues Variation" it was sustained. We went over our 45 minutes by about six minutes but it was cool. It seemed the audience was enjoying our set.

In between us and Odin's Court I got to meet Billy Sherwood and he was such a great gentleman, as well as Jimmy Haun who patiently explained that no, he wasn't with ABWH years ago which I had though he was. They posed for so many pictures with many fans and I was blessed to have my photo taken with them both. It seems Billy also was eager to hear Kinetic Element. You can imagine how encouraged I was to hear that he really liked us.

Odin's Court did a very good set although I thought their sound was a bit muddy. They are all excellent players and both their guitarists did mind blowing lead passages throughout the set. But I was distracted because I found out that we were selling a ton (well OK, we sold 10 LOL!)of CD's of Starship Universe and I was being asked for autographs by people who were plainly serious collectors of prog stuff and were beseiged by requests for the Powered By Light Suite EP which we have at present only in a homeburned edition, but we had almost all of them leave with either fans or with Circa. Meanwile my wife Eugenia got all the Circa guys' autographs and wound up being kissed on the cheek by Billy Sherwood. She was a bit dazed LOL!

Circa then did a wonderful two-and-a-half-hour show of their new CD and the very long Yes music instrumental through-the-years arrangement. Tony Kaye, who hadn't been in the music hall all night, showed that he can play all the Wakeman parts and all the Moraz parts and is a more versatile player than I remembered. This guy is the one who turned my idea of how to play the Hammond inside out in 1971 with The Yes Album and Time and a Word. After their set I was privileged to have a good ten-minute chat with him onstage while he was starting to break down his gear, after introducing myself as the keyboardist of Kinetic Element. He didn't think Circa: had played well. What?!?! We talked about Yes, what happened after The Yes Album (he said he'd decided to retire, which didn't last long), music, the role of the organ, being on the road, and then he told me in is wonderful British accent, "I really liked your band." That made my night. I gave him copies of Starship Universe and The Powered by Light Suite which he seemed happy to receive.

Let me mention that for me the highlight of Circa:'s set was their encore, performing (with vocals) "The More We Live / Let Go" from Yes' Union album. This is one of my all time favorite Yes songs and I was emotionally floored by how well they did it, with backing vocals on a harmonizing synth by Billy's brother Mike who was their second keyboardist.

I don't really know what to make of what happened next. We were leaving the club and ran into an old friend of my wife Eugenia who was running the door. He told us that all the members of Circa were standing outside in the lobby while we were playing listening to us. Somebody in the band asked who we were and when he told them that person said, "Oh yes, we've heard of them." He told us that we made a big impression on them. I honestly don't know what that may mean and I'm taking his word for it. So perhaps we accomplished more than we imagined we would.

I want to thank GarryG who introduced himself after the show, for coming so far. Jason from DC-Soar was there too. My lifelong friend Billy Dee from New York came down again to see us. This fall we will be putting out the Suite plus another 36 minutes of music. And let me say Thank You to God who has brought me so much farther into music, the creative process and the wonderful world of prog rock than I ever thought I would see in my life.

Michael, Matt and I look forward to seeing some of you over the next two weeks. God bless us every one.
Mike V.

New Music Up - April 20, 2008

Three new pieces are up at, please have a listen!
Mike V.

KINETIC ELEMENT to open for CIRCA May 2! - March 16, 2008

Kinetic Element has been offered the opening band slot for the show on May 2 at Jaxx in the DC area headining prog rock supergroup Circa. The four members of Circa are all past and current musicians for the greatest progressive rock band ever, Yes. They are, Jimmy Haun on guitar, Tony Kaye on keyboards, Billy Sherwood on bass and Alan White on drums. We are so psyched for this opportunity. If you are near DC please come! (Just tell them you're there for us LOL!) We will be debuting another new piece as we now have half a CD of new material, and will also be playing the essential "Starship Universe" stuff. You gotta come for this. Please see our other prog showcase info for the Orion Studios gig on May 10, where we will be supporting Rare Blend.

KINETIC ELEMENT in the studio - December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas people, and God bless you all.
Just a little note to tell you that we hit One Way Studio in Amelia VA this past Saturday to start work recording the new stuff. We hope to have something for you by spring 2008.

SELECTED FOR POP MONTREAL - 2nd TIME - August 18, 2007

Just got word we were selected to be among 300 acts (out of 1700 plus considered) to perform at Pop Montreal in October! We are jazzed, juiced and jasmined. Details as they become available.
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