Our new CD hitting the market on 6/1/2015.

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It's time to start building up some comments and reviews!

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The current Kinetic Element CD, recorded at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond and the b asis for current shows. Buy this CD at CD Baby


The new CD by Kinetic Element is now available from and at CD Baby. ( Recorded at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond and mastered at The Kitchen in Chapel Hill, it is our first true band CD and it is professionally done. We're getting good feedback from our fans and the three prog reviews that have come in so far are positive. It's a mix of styles that will remind you of Yes, ELP, Genesis, the Moody Blues, and even jam-band styles. You can also order directly from us if you drop me a line at Buy this CD at CD Baby
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Starship Universe CD


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Starship Universe is now available on iTunes for downloads at reasonable prices!

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Lance King, metal vocalist and entrepreneur, has taken my CD for distribution. Another excellent source for all kinds of great pro and prog metal. _


Our latest concoction, with the artwork from our Travelog CD emblazoned thereon! Price $20 plus shipping. Contact me at and I will attend to your heart's desire to have one of these!

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