PROG DAY 2015 

Just got back from another Prog Day. I have been attending Prog Day in Chapel Hill NC for sight years and RoSFest in Gettysburg PA for six years as I maintain my relationships and contacts with prog movers and shakers and freinds and fans and it really is like an extended family. No matter our disagreements on other stuff we are solidy united because of our love for prog rock and the people who support it and create it. These two events are now the most important prog festivals in the eastern US although…

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KE has a PR firm! 

KE is working with William James and Glass Onyon PR for the next four months to drum up the press we need. There are a few reviews in existence for Travelog. We anticipate many more. The comments coming in from people who have the CD are all positive and we have a solid 3.5 stars out of 5 pretty much across the board with some 5-star ratings from people on The band is taking a break and I hope to be back out there in the fall.  If not I plan to assemble a solo project  band like I did…

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Hi everybody all over this island Earth!

Kinetic Element is pleased and kind of amazed that the making of Travelog is over and the product is now available.

Travelog is a 70-minute CD or download and features five fairly long progressive rock tracks.  You might say "it will reward the patient listener" and prog fans are nothing if not patient with long pieces of music.

We began recording over two years ago but had to scrap a good deal of work when two of our members departed the band…

Recent Events Dec. 2013 

Back in late August we reached an impasse with two of our members. George DeCola and Len Dupilka are no longer with us. We wish them well in their future endeavors.


The remaining three members (Mike Visaggio, Todd Russell and Michael Murray) will apparently remain the permanent members of the band. We have been working on a second CD the last year and only since the departure of Len and George has real progress been made. We were sidetracked into a different purpose for two and a half years. We saw a…

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I had the distinct privilege of playing with the Afterparty band at Rites of Spring Festival (ROSfest) this past May 4 and Melodic Revolutions Records' entrepreneur Nick Katona announced that Kinetic Element is signed to his label as of that date. So now we have an additional reason to move along the recording of our second CD. It has been a battle, as many of you have noted, what with all our personnel changes and change in direction to have a cover-band repertoire so we can get out and play here in…

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KE now a 5-piece 

Sorry I haven't been updating you ... fretless bassist extraordinaire Len Dupilka joined Kinetic Element in the summer of 2011. He has worked out very well and has contributed new material to what will be the band's next CD. We're kind of experimenting with a multidirectional approach. Mike and Todd have collaborated on a 15-minute symphonic prog piece, George has taken us a bit into Asia territory with a pop song which we have progged up, and Len's prog/fusion piece has taken us where we never expected to…

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Well, we found George DeCola to do our vocals. George is a Jon Anderson type vocalist. He has brought his wife Melinda who is singing harmonies and playing percussion. Joining us on bass is Len Dupilka and his fretless playing gives us a very distinctive sound. We will be playing out with this lineup (with of course Todd Russell on guitar, Michael Murray on drums and Old Mikey on multiple keyboards). Should be fun. Come to the First Fridays show.

New Bass Player for KE quits 

David Donlon has left Kinetic Element only seven weeks after joining. Citing personality conflicts, David was very unhappy and somehow the rest of us missed it. So we wish David success in whatever he undertakes, and we are back to the drawing board for bass. Meanwhile we once again have to postpone several shows that were in the works. Perhaps it's a good thing I hadn't announced them yet. MV


Well, we have had two nice things happen. Kinetic Element's CD Powered by Light was nominated back in February by for Best Debut CD of 2009. Well OK, we didn't make the cut past the 40 nominees. But somebody likes the record out there. In addition, we have been given a feature article in Issue #59 of Progression Magazine And writer Eric Harabadian has been nice to us We are looking for shows now, as the band is sounding very good in rehearsal and we aim to…

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New Bass Player for KE 

Hello again, all our friends around the world It's a new day in KE land. Last night we welcomed David Donlon of Springfield VA into the band as our new bass guitarist. David showed up in a most unusual fashion, in a way we could not have foreseen. He saw the last e-mail I sent you all, and asked to try out. David actually contacted me back in 2006 when I was trying to put together a band to perform my solo CD Starship Universe but circumstances were not right at the time for him to start driving…

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